Gardens are marvellous at offering us a small oasis of peace: a chance to stop, take a breath, watch the seasons and listen to nature. Each garden is different in size, shape, aspect, soil and surroundings and of course every owner has different requirements. 

Design is about details, firstly understanding people and spaces and secondly putting together all the elements to produce something that looks natural as if it has always been that way. 

Clients have different requirements and budgets, the important thing is helping you to make the most of your green place, I can offer: 

  • A consultation: come and give some advice to help you get your garden back on track.

  • Planting design and planting: rejuvenating tired borders and/or adding new planting areas.

  • Landscape design: rethinking the space and trees in the garden.

  • Full garden design, project management and planting: creating a completely new garden.

As every garden and client is different it’s best to meet you and your garden to get an understanding of what you would like to gain. Please give me a call or ping me an email. It would be good to hear from you.